Saturday, January 11, 2020

James Bond: who passes me a poster for my new movie?

Bond is not a guy used to asking for help. So he has fallen into the grip of the Specter hitmen or the spider web of a "femme fatale" ... They pay him precisely to solve the problems. But, judging by the title of his future film appearance (“No time to die”, that is, “No time to die”), he must be so extremely busy that he has decided to make Uncle Sam's call: “I Want You ». 007 needs your help, who would imagine it!

In a video posted yesterday, Daniel Craig, who faces in this film number 25 of the saga his latest work as a special agent with a license to kill, appeals to «the best artists and illustrators with their own personality to design a 007 poster. We want proposals bold and different that capture the essence of James Bond ». The initiative of EON Productions, MGM, Universal Pictures International and United Artists Releasing has already found wide echo among fans and artists who, if chosen from the five finalists, will receive 2,000 pounds and will see their creation included in the social promotion channels of the headband.

However, going to the fine print, we found a whole battery of countries, of very different condition, whose residents are outside the call: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, the province of Quebec, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Italy, Greece, Kenya, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Venezuela, "or any of the countries that are subject to embargo by the United States (including, but not limited to, North Korea, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan)". Surprising.

And now, going to the nougat: what is the "essence of Bond", the one they seek from the producers? We talk about a story of almost 60 years and a saga that has changed over time. In terms of posters, until the 90s, it is almost impossible not to find women (usually in suggestive poses or with the minimum of clothes) surrounding that alpha male of the secret service that appears, in line with the “kitsh” posters of the 70 and 80, with its good fire apparatus, cars and guns, in the background. From the "horror vacui", especially in the time of Pierce Brosnan, the illustrations that give greater prominence to the foregrounds of 007 are passed. Women cease to be so highly sexualized.

here is yahoo entertainment

And so on until the reign of Daniel Craig, from 2006 to the present, in which the signage embraces minimalism and an air more typical of a dark thriller than of the colorful spy tapes of Bond's golden times. «Casino Royale», «Quantum of Solace», «Skyfall» and «Specter» go in that line of cleaning the composition and appealing to atmospheric nuances. So what is expected of "No time to die"? Craig appeals to "bold and different proposals." Of course, icons are not lacking when playing: the gun, the tuxedo and the bow tie, the Aston Martin, the British flag, the famous introductory tunnel, the gadgets, the villains, the Bond girls  Let's see what we surprise.



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