Thursday, December 26, 2019

Warner postpones Ben Affleck's The Back Back for 2020

Exclusively, Deadline released the news that the premiere of Ben Affleck's next drama for Warner was postponed from October 18 to March 6, 2020, this with a purely strategic motive, since, if you don't know it yet: This fall will be moved.

‘The Way Back’ was designed to reach the big screen on October 18. Yes, this year. However, Warner decided to move the production directed by Gavin O'Connor for next year, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing its space and possible success at the box office.

This is not the first time we heard that a The Way Back company or studio decides to change the original release date of one of its projects to avoid being overshadowed by other great monsters. In this case, Warner is running away from giants like Disney and Sony.

Why change? According to what Deadline assures, the tests of Warner's production gave good results, to the point of being considered as a commercial film, therefore the new date will give you more space to breathe and achieve the goals, since this fall It is full of promising productions such as: 'Maleficent', 'Zombieland 2', 'Frozen', among others.

In addition, since 'The Way Back' has a basketball-centric approach, premiering in March, Warner can position myself together within the start of the NCAA and NBA season, which means that virtually change is a situation To win, to win. Above all, because the company of the golden letters also have a promising template for the remainder of the year with premieres such as 'It 2' - within the most anticipated of the year - 'The Good Liar' and 'The Joker' - which will arrive in theaters the first week of October.

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