Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The trailer for the new version of the horror movie 'The Invisible Man' is revealed

Universal Pictures presented on Thursday the first trailer of its reimagined version of the classic 'The Invisible Man', which without leaving terror now stars Elisabeth Moss in the skin of a woman beset by her ex-boyfriend.

The first images of this film commanded by Leigh Whannell, the director of the successful saga 'Saw', let us feel a tension that will be present throughout the film, with spooky scenes, persecutions and a sociopathic and abusive antagonist who recreate this story of Monsters shaking modern fears.

'The Invisible Man' will tell the story of Cecilia Kass (Moss), a woman trapped in a violent relationship with a scientist who decides to escape one night helped by her sister (Harriet Dyer), her childhood friend (Aldis Hodge) and her daughter Teen (Storm Reid).

However, when his ex-boyfriend The Invisible Man interpreted by Oliver Jackson-Cohen - commits suicide, several mysterious coincidences begin to appear lethal and make his mental health crumble by trying to prove that he is being persecuted by someone no one can see.

The Invisible Man will star Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale - 100%) in the role of Cecilia Kass, a woman who lives trapped in a stormy romantic relationship with an abusive, millionaire and brilliant scientist who becomes the character that gives name to the story and will be played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who will surely be remembered for his participation in The Curse of Hill House - 93% as the adult version of Luke Crain. In the new film, Cecilia moves away from violence by fleeing and finding refuge in her sister, a childhood friend and her teenage daughter.

 Everything takes an unexpected turn for the protagonist when she discovers that her ex boyfriend commits suicide and leaves a large part of her fortune, which immediately leads her to think that her suicide is nothing more than a farce and that's when she will undertake a search without rest that causes his sanity to be questioned by persecuting someone that nobody can see and that, according to her, represents a threat to all.

The production is directed by Leigh Whannell and yes, it is an adaptation of the classic science fiction novel written by H.G. Wells but the description of his plot looks very different from the original story. This is because it is an adaptation transferred to our time, in which the director wanted to move the audience away from the image in which the viewer thinks when he hears or reads something about The Invisible Man, and this is the repeated scene of a floating bag and glasses. So he took many liberties at the time of writing the story because he is willing to surprise the audience while honoring one of the classic movie monsters.

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